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Jardienes gr&amb c 8x10 72dpi 1-06.gif (274804 bytes) Jardienes: 14 to 15 inches high, Made with fine porcelain, available in Amber, Green or White. These are great focal points in a room.
Tpots all c 8x10 72dpi 1-06.gif (221131 bytes) Porcelain Teapots: regular teapots are 10 to 11 inches high, and the miniatures are 5" to 7". The regular are fully functional for brewing tea, and the miniatures are as well. The miniatures can also be used as creamers, dressing, soy sauce, syrup, etc. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
PT a & gr 5x6 72dpi 1-06.jpg (169340 bytes) Porcelain Pitchers: Wonderful for iced tea, lemonade, or Sangria. These also make wonderful flower vases, for a spectacular room accent.
Platter plates 4x6 72dpi 06.jpg (133106 bytes) Plates and Platters: The large platter is 15" across, and has a hook ring on the back for hanging, and is fully functional for serving the main course or a plate of hors d'ouvres. The sun plate is a decorative item for the wall, as is the Man in the Moon. The Curly plate is a wonderful serving dish, and hangs on the wall like the platter.
SD both 4x6 72dpi -06.jpg (111622 bytes) Serving Dishes: these are perfect for serving a main dish, stew, or mashed potatoes. An impressive table or room accent, you can leave it on the table for company. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Ikabana c g&a 7x9 72dpi 1-06.gif (175582 bytes) Ikabana holder: In the time-honored Japanese tradition of flower arranging, these vessels come with a pin frog for your decorating ease. Place two or three flowers from the garden in this container for a bright spot in you house.
Candles 5x6 72dpi 1-06 copy.gif (87480 bytes) Candle Holders/Bud Vases: These porcelain vessels are multi-talented! Use them for traditional taper candles, and for those small flowers and roses that can add a special touch to your room.
White pottery 07-05.jpg (63339 bytes) White is in! This a new line that has been ordered by national craft galleries. It's so new, I haven't gotten a full set of photos yet. Let me know if you like it!
Vases 11-07.jpg (74672 bytes) These vases are part of a series that I have begun to make for a regional florist. Her customers love them, especially since they are her corporate color. Up to 10 in. high. Left: Straight tall vase. Right: Curly vase. Call for volume pricing.
Vases Rose 11-07.jpg (89402 bytes) Another set of vases, these are Rose Vases, Large and Small sizes. There is also a Medium. Call for volume pricing.