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France Exchange Teapots Click on picture for larger image

Blue Legs 8x12.jpg (70400 bytes)

Blue Legs


Green red beeds2 8x12.jpg (62154 bytes)

Green Red Beads


Green w blk mouth 8x12.jpg (67167 bytes)

Green w K mouth

Green w mauve mouth 8x12.jpg (61652 bytes)

Green w mauve mouth

Green w noveau handle8x12.jpg (79223 bytes)

Green w nouveau handle


Mauve 8x12.jpg (93392 bytes)



Orange teapot 8x12.jpg (87302 bytes)


White 8x12.jpg (53447 bytes)



These teapots were made after my trip to France and other parts of Europe on an Art Exchange in 2006. These are exhibition pieces, one of a kind works that I pour my heart into, with great abandon and pleasure. They are 9 to 14 inches high, made with porcelain. These are real characters that are one of a kind. I have photos of the other side of each, just email me if you would like to see it. Prices available on request.

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